Sydney Seascapes - 1 Day Photo Workshop

Sydney Seascapes - 1 Day Photography Workshop

Sydney Seascapes - 1 Day Photography Workshop Join award-winning landscape photographer Jarrod Castaing for a intense one day workshop photographing Sydney's stunning Northern Beaches.

With a focus on composition and light, Jarrod will help you to understand the art of landscape photography and guide you through developing your technique, while also experiencing a unique insight into his own photographic process and digital workflow.

Many workshops are very student/teacher oriented... this isn't one of them. The goal is to be in the right place at the right time, building your knowledge and sharing a passion for capturing beautiful images!

Where: Pittwater Area, Northern Beaches, Sydney
Limited to 4-6 participants

**Sold Out**

What's included?


· Composition techniques
· Understanding exposure
· Using filters (Neutral Density Grads, ND's and Polarisers)
· Working with natural light
· Controling dynamic range
· Digital workflow introduction (Lightroom and Photoshop)

Itinerary (8hrs):

· Sunrise shoot (2hrs) - location based on tides and surf conditions
· Breakfast discussion (1hr)
· Waterfall shoot (2hr) - location based on rain and water levels
· Post-processing session (3hrs)


· 8 hours tuition
· In-field instruction
· Post-processing demonstration


· Meals
· Transport
· Insurance

Skill Level:

· Beginners to serious amateurs

Fitness Level:

· Moderate fitness is needed

What to Bring:

· Digital SLR
· Lenses (e.g. Wide angle, Telephoto zoom)
· Tripod
· Memory Cards
· Batteries
· Cable release
· Filters (e.g. Neutral Density, Graduated, Polarizer)
· Lens cloth
· Head Lamp or Torch
· Laptop (with Lightroom & Photoshop)
· Memory Card Reader
· Suitable clothing (for wet and dry conditions)
· Footwear for walking/hiking
· Footwear for in salt water

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